After the Golden Hour: Resuscitation and Management Challenges of Trauma Patients in Critical Care

This session addresses potentially life-threatening resuscitation challenges encountered by nurses after admission of the polytrauma patient to adult Critical Care, with an emphasis on hemorrhagic shock in trauma, coagulopathy, damage-control surgery, and end-points of trauma resuscitation. [75 minutes]

Key Content

  • Physiology of Trauma
  • The ABCDE’s of Trauma Resuscitation
  • Priorities on Admission to Critical Care: Is My Patient Bleeding? - Shock in trauma, Acute Traumatic Coagulopathy (ATC), Massive Hemorrhage Protocol, Thromboelastography
  • Damage-Control Surgery and Resuscitation
  • Case Studies: Resuscitation and Management Challenges Studies -   Focus: Neurological Injury; Gunshot and Stab Wounds; Abdominal Compartment Syndrome; Cardiac Arrest
  • End points of Trauma Resuscitation and Future Research