Take a Deep Breath and Relax: Ten Things You Need to Know about Mechanical Ventilation

This session emphasizes ten (10) essential aspects of mechanical ventilation that is imperative for every Critical Care nurse to both know and understand. Ventilator essentials, managing the artificial airway, phamacological adjuncts, preventing ventilator-associated events, strategies for liberation from mechanical ventilation, and patient and family education round out our key topics. [60 minutes]

Key Content

  • Mechanical Ventilation in Critical Care
  • Key Concepts: Oxygenation, Ventilation, Resistance, Compliance
  • How Ventilators Deliver a Breath: Volume vs. Pressure
  • Mechanical Ventilator Variables:  Pressure, Flow, Volume, Time
  • Ten Important Features of Mechanical Ventilation
  • Preventing Complications from Mechanical Ventilation 
  • Early Liberation
  • Patient and Family Education